Version 1 AI Enabled Azure Landing Zone Design and Delivery

Version 1

A bespoke design and fully automated delivery of a Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, AI Enabled aligned Azure Landing Zone.

Version 1 is the Global Application Modernisation Partner of the Year 2023!

Version 1’s AI Enabled Azure Landing Zone provides you with a best practice aligned platform to migrate workloads and develop new applications within a well governed, secure, resilient, and scalable Azure environment. With this new feature, you can now deploy AI-based Azure resources quickly and consistently according to best practice within a well-structured environment, making it easier to build intelligent applications that leverage the power of AI in Azure.

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a set of guidelines and best practices for organisations to adopt and implement cloud technologies, and our CAF aligned methodology brings design and implementation best practices to an enterprise scale Azure Landing Zone design and deployment.

A good Azure Landing Zone needs to accommodate application migration, modernisation, and innovation at scale, and should provide networking, identity, governance, and security of Azure subscriptions out of the box. One size does not fit all however, and Landing Zone designs are often customised to meet a customer's needs. Automation is at the heart of Landing Zones, and authoring templates and pipelines can become cumbersome, particularly if a true DevOps methodology isn’t followed.

The Version 1 Azure Landing Zone solves these problems.


As an Azure Expert MSP with over 200 Microsoft Certified Professionals, our Azure Landing Zone designs adopt a collaborative approach through design workshops, capturing our customers exact requirements.

Every design will strongly align with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and NCSC Cloud Security Principals.

Data, AI and App Innovation are core components of our AI Enabled Azure Landing Zone, and you’ll work closely with one of our certified experts to create a design tailored to our requirements.

The output of this phase is an agreed Low-Level Design (LLD), which will be subject to our customer’s review cycles, to ensure the solution appropriately addresses each requirement.

The agreed LLD is then, taken to the implementation phase.


The Version 1 Azure Landing Zone design is deployed using our extensible deployment accelerator, which enables our customers to leverage DevOps practices and processes quickly and easily through minimal effort.

This includes Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines and Source Control Management.

Terraform and Azure DevOps are our most adopted CI/CD tools for Azure Landing Zones, but we are proficient with a range of similar tools and technologies to best suit our customer’s needs.

The AI Enabled variant of our Azure Landing Zone includes the provision of Azure Open AI enabled subscriptions, and our entire library of hand crafted Terraform modules, including Azure AI Services and Azure Open AI, allowing you to consistently deploy Azure resources according to our, and Microsoft’s best practices.

Our deployment accelerator is a tried and tested code first approach, providing best practice out of the box.

All code is retained within the customer organisation, and each implementation can optionally be backed by our Cloud Managed Services.

Our fully automated approach allows our customer to focus on what matters addressing many of the standard technical challenges and requirements. It allows for faster delivery and increase quality with reduced risk and is secure by design.

Landing Zone Review

Either as an optional standalone engagement or as a precursor to a Landing Zone design and deployment, we can complete reviews of existing Azure Landing Zones for compliance against Cloud Adoption Framework and Well Architected Framework best practices. The output of this is a presentation, detailing findings with recommendations for next steps and/or remediation.


In summary, the Version 1 Azure Landing Zone is a comprehensive solution that provides a secure-by-design foundation for any Azure environment. It enables customers to accelerate their journey to the cloud by providing best practice aligned design and delivery, individually tailored to our customers’ requirements, and backed by an extensible fully automated delivery.

All terms, conditions and pricing will depend on the size and complexity of the Azure Landing Zone design.