AI Innovation Sandbox

Version 1

Experience innovation and creativity with Azure AI technologies with a dedicated, automated, and AI-enabled environment and sample AI based web app.

Version 1, the esteemed Global Application Modernisation Partner of the Year 2023, presents a unique solution to the complexities and risks associated with deploying AI systems in live environments. Understanding the challenges of data access, quality, and ethical/legal concerns, as well as technical hurdles like governance, compliance, and security, Version 1 offers the AI Innovation Sandbox.

This Sandbox is designed to foster innovation and creativity in a secure, risk-free environment. It features a dedicated Azure tenant and subscription, where governance, compliance, and security are pre-configured and provided straight out of the box. This setup includes Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) modules for various resources, such as Azure OpenAI Service, Azure AI Search, Machine Learning, and more.

The integration of IaC with DevOps pipelines enables consistent deployment, destruction, and re-deployment of secure Azure AI resources. This approach not only educates developers and engineers on AI utilisation within Azure but also mitigates the risk of impacting existing environments or incurring additional costs.

Furthermore, the AI Innovation Sandbox also includes a demo web application to get you started. This application utilizes the Azure Open AI Service, offering a chat interface for querying both public and private data sources.

Version 1 also offers customization of the environment and application to meet specific requirements, supported by specialist assistance and collaborative workshops. Additional consultancy services are available on-demand to ensure seamless integration and utilization.

The Version 1 AI Innovation Sandbox is an ideal tool for businesses eager to explore AI's potential, offering tailored terms, conditions, and pricing to align with your unique needs.

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