Cloud Economics Assessment - 5 Weeks

Version 1

*Rapid comparative monetary analysis between existing on premise workloads and Azure including readiness levels and migration pathways.*
**Cloud Economics Assessment** As many organisations embrace Cloud computing, acquiring Microsoft online services is becoming the new norm. **Accurately assessing Azure requirements can be complex, time consuming and result in challenges such as:** * Failure to identify right sizing opportunities * Poorly optimised procurement * Understanding the financial & operational impact of a migration * How to build a business case for Azure Using a blend of data driven tooling, technical and software asset management expertise this foundation assessment supports organisations during the pre-planning stages of datacentre modernisation planning. The high level steps are: **Discover Weeks 1-2** Initiation workshop designed to catalogue: * Business Goals * Technical requirements * Constraints * Automated collection of asset intelligence **Analyse & Verify Weeks 3-4** Analyse data and categorise workloads by: * Type * Future State * Rough order of magnitude estimate for supplementary Azure costs * Draft findings validation Workshop **Present & Recommend Week 5** Presentation of findings: * Readiness levels * Azure subscription costs * Optimisation opportunities * Additional considerations & dependencies * Recommended next steps relating to an effective Azure Migration **Assessment Deliverables** * Server inventory, utilisation & readiness levels * Identification of target Azure candidates * Azure cost projections * Guidance on dependencies & other pre requisites * Outline of phased migration approach