Microsoft Cloud License Health Check: 1-Week Assessment

Version 1

Foundation level license health check with a series of high-level insights that promote cost saving and risk management measures for Microsoft 365 & Azure.

Cloud computing has transformed the way organisations acquire and consume Microsoft technology. It has also enabled organisations to license Microsoft on a dynamic basis that can lead to improved cost management and operational effectiveness. To attain this advantage, organisations need robust Software Asset Management (SAM) processes that enable proactive management of cloud consumption.

Version 1’s SAM team can conduct a foundation level licensing health check that relates to your use of key Microsoft cloud services. This health check will provide a series of high-level license insights that promote cost saving and risk management.


  • Mobilise – Engage stakeholders, complete Microsoft Cloud environment Q&A, outline process for data collection, agree target timeline
  • Data Collection – Gather applicable Microsoft 365 & Azure related license metrics using a blend of automated & manual inputs.
  • Data Validation – Verify accuracy of sample to be included in the health check.
  • Present Findings – Presentation of findings & supporting report linked to predefined outcomes
  • Review & Decide – Examine health check insights & recommendations to define if Version 1 can provide supplementary license advisory services
  • Engage – Liaise with the Version 1 SAM practice to engage in supplementary services designed to manage licensing cost & risk

Scope of Health Check

Microsoft 365

  • Define user types & activity
  • Unallocated users & inactive users
  • Analysis of non-named user accounts
  • Consumption observations
  • License compliance impact of mixing plans
  • High-level output of key findings


  • Define target subscriptions
  • Verify rights & usage of AHB for Windows Server
  • Guidance on AHB for SQL Server rights
  • Current use of Auto Shutdown
  • Reserved instance & reserved capacity opportunities
  • Current use of Auto Shutdown


  • Licensing consultant led advisory service
  • Presentation of findings
  • RAG report with high level insights on cost savings & risk management