Oracle Data Warehouse to Azure Synapse 3Wk-Assess.

Version 1

An accelerated discovery and technical assessment to understand your existing Oracle Data Warehouse solution and develop a strategy and plan to migrate to the Azure Synapse Analytics platform.

Version 1 is a Microsoft and Oracle Platinum Partner with industry leading Oracle migration, integration and licensing expertise.

Version 1 assist customers in a variety of sectors to implement new data warehouse solutions on Azure Synapse.

We leverage this experience to help our customers identify the complexities in migrating from one platform to another and put in place a robust plan to modernise their data analytics estates.

The assessment consists of a combination of workshops and code/documentation reviews and delivered in 3 stages:

Days 1-5: Database Assessment

Some Oracle features do not have a direct replacement in Azure Synapse Analytics. We will use the outputs of this process to review the structure & content of your existing data warehouse to identify:

  • Azure Synapse Data Distribution
  • Database consolidation
  • Data Quality Concerns
  • Data Type Translations
  • Data Migration Plan
  • Index optimisations
  • PL/SQL Translations
  • Performance Tuning

Days 6-10: ETL Review

We will review your existing ETL processes to understand the source to target mappings and the complexity of the business transformations applied. We will examine:

  • Data Movement patterns & data volumes
  • ETL Tools in use, infrastructure & support status
  • ETL Implementation approach
  • ETL Schedule & Sequencing
  • Migration Strategy

Days 11-15: BI Platform Audit

Your existing Data Warehouse may support a variety of BI / Data Visualisation tools and analytic use cases. We will review the existing estate to understand your current tools and usage patterns. The report will provide:

  • BI Tools in use, infrastructure sizing, support status
  • BI Models & Semantic Layers
  • Report Volumes
  • Information gaps
  • BI Tool upgrade options
  • Migration Roadmap
  • User Communities
  • Usage patterns