Azure Discovery & Assessment Service (6 Weeks)

Version 1

Discover, assess, and know your options when planning a migration or transformation of your applications, workloads and infrastructure to Azure at any scale using our Discovery & Assessment Service.

Successfully carving a path to Azure is under-pinned by careful and considered preparation and planning. With so many routes to Azure, and a plethora of options and complex economics to consider, migrating can seem a daunting task even for the most experienced technologists.

With Version 1’s Azure Discovery & Assessment Service, we can conduct a data-driven discovery that aligns with Microsoft's best practice Cloud Adoption Framework. We can assess your needs, compelling events, and I.T portfolio to help you create a business case for Azure. The outputs from this exercise will help you to make an informed decision by identifying areas for remediation, and providing application modernisation and migration roadmap recommendations - saving time and money in the process.


  • Define compelling events, goals, and requirements. Understanding these motivations is critical to ensure a positive Discovery & Assessment exercise, and ultimately - a successful migration.
  • Define business outcomes. When assessing a portfolio, it is important to apply knowledge of our customers’ business context to the resulting outputs and recommendations. Often these insights cannot be automated or captured by tooling, however they are just as important.


  • Execute tooling to provide network, servers, database, applications, and usage data to build a fundamental understanding of your I.T portfolio.
  • Build an understanding of the I.T portfolio via workshops with relevant parties - including partners, business owners, technical owners, and suppliers.
  • Identify your application dependencies, mapping high-level relationships within your IT Portfolio.
  • Provide a master inventory of your I.T portfolio by collating the information from the discovery phase into a useable format for assessment and analysis.


  • Analyse your data to understand the health and readiness of your portfolio - what this means in the context of your objectives, and what remediation actions may be required.
  • Creation of a multi-year total cost of ownership (TCO), supporting the Azure business case.
  • Carry out an appraisal, outlining the pros and cons of each option.
  • Understanding your business and application owners' appetite to invest in change (alongside the business value and fit of the application in question) as part of the migration assessment, is key to understanding which migration patterns and forms of modernisation may apply.

Plan & Action:

  • Taking the outputs from the above phases, we can articulate the resulting migration plan, workstreams, patterns, backlog, and sprint planning.
  • Depending on your compelling events and the state of your portfolio, we can engage our Azure Migration Factory that facilitates migrations at High Velocity and scale. For more complex scenarios, such as traditional Enterprise business critical applications we can provide a trusted and proven approach to safe and secure migration to Azure.


  • Discovery and Assessment Report / Executive Presentation
  • Data collected and collated during discovery
  • High-level Migration Plan and Estimated Cost
  • Supporting migration Business Case and TCO

(Pricing and project timelines will depend on the size and complexity of the estate).