Windows Virtual Desktop FastStart: 2-Week Imp.

Version 1

*Switch on Windows Virtual Desktop Seamlessly. Enable your IT teams, employees and contractors to work effectively and securely from any location, on any device.*
During the COVID-19 crisis, organisations are challenged to find secure remote working solutions for their employees and contractors quickly. With that in mind, Version 1 is helping customers to get started with Windows Virtual Desktop to ensure their IT Teams and employees can work effectively **from any location, on any device.** Version 1's Seamless WVD Implementation is typically a short-term, 2-week high-value engagement involving a core build, Office 365 and one custom app in a phased approach. **Discover - Days 1-2** Version 1 Cloud experts will help you to define scope, understand business context and discover your pre-launch requirements in areas such as licencing, Azure AD, design and user adoption to advise on the best options available to you. **Enable - Days 3-6** Version 1 will help to provision and configure a WVD tenancy and a host pool, or if you have one already, you can provide our professional services team with access to review and configure your WVD environment. **Adopt - Days 7-9** Version 1 will complete testing to ensure the WVD platform is functioning as expected, ensuring a seamless end user experience. **Enhance - Days 10** Version 1 will complete a handover and knowledge transfer to your Operations team. We will also assist deliver the service to a Pilot group of users. Additionally we can help plan for your future requirements.