Azure Optimization: 5-day Free Assessment


Start optimizing your Azure environment with VIAcode's Free 5-day Assessment

VIAcode Consulting offers a free assessment to help you identify and prioritize Azure infrastructure improvements. After our assessment, you will receive a detailed report with specific recommendations on how to optimize cost, improve security and enable high availability of your infrastructure.


  1. Cost
    • Overview of consumption behavior
    • Analysis of spending trends
    • Calculation of potential savings from idle resources
    • Recommendations for cost reduction
  2. Security
    • Comparison of your security setup with Azure best practices
    • Analysis of gaps in security monitoring
    • Review of Azure Security Center recommendations
    • Recommendations to enhance protection
  3. Business continuity
    • Assessment of resiliency and backup by resource type
    • Risk analysis based on the current configuration
    • Recommendations to improve resiliency
  4. Availability and performance
    • Analysis of gaps in monitoring
    • Establishment of an incident-management process
    • Analysis of production logs
    • Recommendations for optimizing the monitoring tool set


  • Pre-assessment kickoff meeting to review project goals and scope
  • Assessment report complemented by supporting documentation
  • Presentation of the assessment report to stakeholders