Migration of SCOM Monitoring to Azure: 4-Wk Impl.


The migration of SCOM monitoring will provide you with a unified monitoring platform in Azure.

SCOM is a powerful monitoring tool. When natively installed it works well for monitoring your on premise IT infrastructure. The problem starts when you move to cloud-only infrastructure having no MP-like solution: SCOM hosting in the cloud becomes expensive especially at scale; its solutions do not properly fit to Azure; and maintenance is still your responsibility.

A SCOM migration project is a three steps process beginning with the preparation of a plan for capture, management and closing of alerts in Azure Monitor once SCOM deactivated.

  1. Assess. It starts with analyzing the current infrastructure. We identify which workloads to temporarily continue monitoring with SCOM and the ones to deprecate as obsolete.
  2. Implement hybrid monitoring. This is an intermediate step when setting-up intelligent monitoring. SCOM integrates with Azure so the cloud begins collecting SCOM alerts for further analysis.
  3. Deprecate SCOM. Once we have all the data, we identify only SCOM actionable alerts and implement an Azure Monitor Alert for each of them. SCOM is then no longer required so it is disconnected from Azure and removed.

Migration of SCOM to Azure Monitor provides you with a number of benefits including:

  • Unlimited storage of metrics and logs telemetry
  • Research data with KQL queries or even transform them to auto-creating alerts
  • Out of the box recommendations from Azure Advisor
  • Ability to use Data Bricks and Machine Learning for deeper analysis of data
  • Enhanced reporting in Power BI
  • Ability to use Azure Sentinel to search for security threats
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