Azure Marketplace Enablement for ISVs: 8 Wks Impl.


VIAcode application migration services for ISVs will enable an Azure Marketplace experience for your existing application and clients.

VIAcode will provide a streamlined process for clients to access your applications and for you to update/support your clients. Using Azure Marketplace is the starting point for all joint Microsoft Go-To-Market activities. ISV’s instantly gain access to 140 global markets, over 300,000+ partners, and Azure's network of enterprise customers.

After the migration of your application is complete your Azure Marketplace offer will provide:

  • Automated deployment
  • Integrated billing
  • Support infrastructure


  1. Discover:
    We will analyze your application to determine the path for Azure marketplace enablement, alignment with existing billing and support process.
  2. Implement:
    We will prepare ARM templates for your infrastructure, develop ManagedApp-based control panel to let customers manage your application infrastructure, define application health model and expose metrics and alerts to simplify support.
  3. Integrate:
    We will establish CI/CD pipeline to Azure marketplace and provide knowledge transfer to your personnel for all underlying technologies – Azure Monitor, ARM, Lighthouse, ManagedApp, Azure DevOps.


  • Azure marketplace offer with billing support
  • Automated deployment with ARM templates
  • ManagedApp infrastructure for customer facing control plane
  • Application health model
  • Centralized dashboard to monitor all instances of the application

Details of engagement

  • Application must be compatible with Azure
  • Up to 1 front end tier, 1 back end tier, 1 asynchronous worker, 1 storage, 1 DB
  • Post-migration support using VIAcode Managed Services for Azure (Optional)

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