Azure Optimization Assessment


Start optimizing your Azure environment with VIAcode's Free Azure Optimization Assessment

In just 10 minutes, VIAcode’s Azure Optimization Assessment (AOA) can be set up to collect data about your use of Azure resources.

You’ll get an in-depth analysis of your organization’s existing Microsoft Azure resources and a benchmark for how well you’re currently managing and optimizing Azure.

Using VIAcode’s built-for Azure technology, the metadata from your Azure environment is analyzed, producing a list of actionable recommendations. Prioritized based on the impact to your business, these optimization recommendations are based on core Azure strategies and are proven to identify cost savings (typically 30% or more), and prompt consideration for improving your security posture and governance.

The Azure Optimization Assessment includes:

  • A summary of your predicted spend and potential annual savings
  • Highlights of the analysis including the most impactful strategies/optimizations
  • Comprehensive analysis of your Azure environment including an overview of consumption behavior, analysis of spending trends, calculation of potential savings and recommnedations for cost reduction
  • Detailed strategies for cost optimization, including analysis of orphaned resources, reserved instances, virtual machines, and database utilization

Deliverables include:

  • Pre-assessment kickoff meeting to review project goals and scope
  • Assessment report and supporting documentation
  • Presentation/review of the assessment report with stakeholders