Azure for Healthcare Essentials: Half-Day Workshop


Through the half-day workshop, the customer will gain valuable insights about the essential steps needed to utilize Azure for Healthcare, with a special focus on interoperability and automation.


The Azure for Healthcare Assessment
The Azure platform offers a number of powerful products and services for healthcare.
In the first part of the Azure for Healthcare Essentials Workshop, you’ll discover what Azure could bring to your healthcare organization in terms of automation, scalability, and interoperability. With cloud-native technology, powerful AI and IoT services, Azure offers a next-generation platform for developing healthcare products and services.

Major Industry Standards and Compliance Overview
Navigate your way through the rules and standards of high importance for the health tech landscape.
The second part of the workshop addresses the technical aspects of achieving compliance on Azure and covers the way they correspond with the major industry standards such as FHIR, HL7, CMS mandates and HIPAA, and HITRUST regulations.

Implications and Advancements Analysis
Learn more about the critical milestones that can set you up for future success in the cloud.
The final stage of Vicert's Azure for Healthcare Essentials Workshop creates a basis for the next stage of migration, transformation, and building processes that rely on the set of tools available within the Azure for Healthcare platform.

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