Azure AD Features: 5-Day Implementation


Do you own Azure AD Premium but don't use its features? We deploy self-service password reset and multi-factor authentication (MFA) in under a week, helping the business and opening the door for more.

For many enterprise customers, they’ve paid for Azure AD but aren’t aware of features like self-service password reset and multi-factor authentication that can help the business. The Azure AD Deployment solution enables these “quick-win” features in less than a week. This provides tangible benefits back to the business, and opens the door to additional features like Identity Protection, which provides greater peace of mind around cloud identity.

Self-service password reset

  • Anywhere, anytime - users can reset their password day or night wherever they are, reducing help desk calls by up to 20%.
  • Account lockout – also works if a user has locked their account.
  • Hybrid solution – works with both on-premise AD & Azure AD, and enforces all AD policies.

Multi-factor authentication

  • Layered security - require two-factor authentication (app, text, call) when users are in “untrusted” situations eg email over the web.
  • Real-time alerts – security services and machine-based learning identify suspicious sign-in patterns and can alert IT in real-time.

Cloud identity "peace of mind"

  • Identity Protection – detect potential vulnerabilities affecting your organization’s identities, configure automated responses to suspicious activity, and investigate and resolve suspicious incidents.
  • Cloud App Discovery - find out what cloud apps your users are using, and simplify & secure their sign-in experience.

Why Vigilant.IT?

  • Over a decade of Microsoft cloud experience and Azure AD work.
  • Multiple Microsoft Gold cloud competencies and product testing experience with Microsoft.
  • Qualified Azure Architects & MVPs


By the end of the engagement, the customer will have self-service password reset and multi-factor authentication enabled on their Azure AD Premium tenant and configured for at least one test user. If time permits, broader deployment and/or staff knowledge transfer will be explored.