Azure Health Check: 5-Day Assessment


Interested in a healthier Azure environment AND reduced costs? The Vigilant.IT Azure Health Check identifies what's unhealthy, helps your staff understand the issues, AND identifies how you can save.

If you’ve ever faced challenges like having confidence that your Azure environment is healthy, controlling the growing cost and complexity of Azure subscriptions, helping your Azure admins be more productive, or making sure your Azure services are available 24x7, there’s good news. The Vigilant.IT Azure Health Check identifies what's unh0ealthy, helps your staff understand the issues, AND identifies how you can reduce your Azure billing, admin or downtime costs.

Health Check Assessment

  • Extensive check of your Azure environment from multiple angles
  • Data-driven AND question based
  • Prioritised recommendations
  • One report that aggregates recommendations from multiple sources into one

Knowledge Transfer

  • Proactive – our Azure experts work with your team to identify health issues BEFORE they cause problems.
  • Training – the goal is ongoing health, so we show your staff various tools and techniques to assist this goal.

Cost Reduction

Our health check focuses on cost reduction in three key areas: * Billing – we identify areas that can reduce your Azure bill. * Admin – staff costs are significant. We show you how to make them more productive. * Downtime - reduce costly downtime by ensuring your Azure services are correctly configured.

Why Vigilant.IT?

  • Over a decade of cloud design and build experience with Microsoft
  • Multiple Gold cloud competencies and product testing experience with Microsoft
  • Qualified Azure Architects and Microsoft MVPs (Most Valued Professionals).


  • Assessment report on your Azure environment
  • Knowledge transfer to help your staff understand the issues
  • Identified cost savings in billing, admin or downtime costs For an additional cost, we can also remediate the issues.