Digital Product Workbench-DPW: 8-Wk Implementation


Virtusa’s Digital Product Workbench is an integrated platform that helps accelerate time to market by enabling rapid product development while reducing costs.

DPW uses products and solutions from Azure to deliver secure innovation for end customers, allowing them to use native Azure services and solutions. Further, DPW was designed and evaluated based on the five pillars of the Azure Well-Architected Framework: reliability, security, cost optimization, operational excellence and performance efficiency. Along with our propriety solutions, we also use third-party services in a low code environment over synthetic data APIs to help BFS companies deliver digital experiences to customers rapidly through DPW.

Key features of the solution:

•In-built platform development kit, low code engine, and synthetic data APIs.

•Integrated digital product development lifecycle, eliminating handoffs between multiple tools.

•Platform that supports onboarding of multidisciplinary teams across Organizational silos.

Components of DPW: The digital product workbench brings together various components to help lay a concrete foundation to accelerate the discovery and development of new digital products and services

• Low code IDE

• Partner catalog

• Varied user personas

• Synthetic data APIs

• Problem statements

• Community discussions

• API subscription

• Partner solutions

Technical Solution Overview: DPW comprises more than 40 microservices with customer-centric features and functionalities such as partner onboarding, API onboarding, ideation, experimentation, and community.

All microservices are Dockerized, and container images are stored in ACR. AKS deployment configurations for each microservice are templatized using Helm charts, and these version-controlled Helm charts are maintained in ACR.

Depending on the customer requirements, DPW can be deployed with or without on-premises hybrid network connectivity.DPW exposes internal APIs or systems to external partners through established Express Route.