Virtusa's Intelligent Document Extraction & Processing (Paper2App) : 3 Week Implementation


Virtusa's Paper2App is a intelligent document extraction, processing and insights-generating solution using NLP, OCR, Azure data/analytics and Azure cognitive technologies.

Virtusa's Paper2App is an intelligent document extraction and processing solution which extracts, process and analyse information from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents. It automates data pipeline generation, data management/governance - culminating into insights generation (i.e., visualization).

Features of Virtusa's Intelligent Document Extraction & Processing Paper2app:

• Support for reading across paper, signatures, handwritten documents, PDF, Emails, faxes, and images using Azure cognitive Service like OCR

• Custom AI/ML model definition

• Extract text, key-value pairs and tables and persist in Storages like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lake Storage etc.

• Data quality, validation, and pipeline generation

• Custom PII Masking (redacting capability)

• BIZ KPIs Visualizations using Microsoft Power BI

• Pre-built unsupervised & supervised learning to understand layouts and field relationships

• Support for unstructured, semi-structured and structured source formats

Activities of Virtusa's Intelligent Document Extraction & Processing Paper2App Implementation:

• Source: Identify the source documents and formats

• Ingest: Schedule, pre-process the documents in batch or interactive mode

• Process: Perform Custom model training and process & extract the documents

• Data Quality & Transformation: Perform automated data quality checks and rule-based transformations

• Data review/Curation: Curate data and reconcile data

• Visualize: Dashboards and Customizable UI for business KPIs derived from data extracted from documents

Outcome of Virtusa’s Intelligent Document Extraction & Processing Paper2App Implementation:

• Extracted data from unstructured documents and persist data in structured formats

• Curated data post data processing

• Rich dashboard, KPIs & business Metrics, Actionable insights – augmented by AIML/cognitive capabilities

Benefits of Virtusa's Intelligent Document Extraction & Processing Paper2App:

• Reduction of human cost in processing data by 50-70%

• 80% higher data interpretation accuracy compared to humans

• Maximization of customers' investments on Microsoft Azure stack to enable digitization journey for customers

• Modularized approach to solution deployment.

• Sizeable Reduction in data processing time, with improved data quality

• Significant reduction in “Document to Insights” realization cycle time