vCube - AKSCuration: 4 Weeks Assessment


4 Weeks Assessment from Virtusa enables customer faster adoption of Azure kubernetes/Cloud Native application development

Organizations understand the benefits of containerization and the value of deploying their applications & microservices onto Kubernetes clusters, but they lack the expertise and experience to get started with policies & foundation for Kubernetes services.

As an AMP partner and advanced specialization in Kubernetes, Virtusa will work collaboratively to build & develop blueprints of the whitelisted Kubernetes and Container services in Azure, to make it compliant with security, network, monitoring, auditing and compliance polices defined by Customer.

Virtusa’s consulting offering focus on evaluating current maturity of Azure Foundation and recommend compliance polices for AKS and Container Registry. After the assessment, Virtusa extend the support to build & Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) IaC compliant with the Regulatory Compliance Polices.

Our Consulting offering consists of three phases.

Phase 1 - Assessment

  • Assess the maturity of current Azure foundation platform with respect to infrastructure, network, security, logging and monitoring.
  • Review the minimum bar requirements and recommend compliance polices for AKS and Container Registry
  • Document and provide the security and performance recommendation

Phase 2 - Module Curation

  • Apply Regulatory Compliance Polices (CIS benchmarking) and do the automation of AKS node patching (security updates) with scripts
  • Assign the recommended and approved built-in AKS polices to the scope defined for containerized workloads
  • Develop and build parameterized Terraforms/ARM template(s) (IaC) for AKS module
  • Codify approved security recommendations

Phase 3 - Blueprint

  • Strategic Application assessment to be hosted on AKS
  • QA curated AKS and application dependencies
  • Configuration changes to IaC and Develop post- deploy config scripts with Ansible/PS
  • Integration with GitOps

Benefits of vCube - AKSCuration consulting:

  • 30% increase in productivity by enabling IT teams with Engineering automation