vSecOps 3 Weeks Assessment


Conduct Security assessment and deliver roadmap for implementation

vSecOps Consulting

The adoption of cloud services worldwide continues to accelerate, yet many organizations are wary of trusting third parties with their data, applications and infrastructure. Microsoft Azure enables organizations to build secure solutions in the cloud, managing identities, protecting critical assets and responding to advanced threats. It is essential however that Azure security features are in place and configured in line with best practices protecting the organization from risks.

Virtusa’s vSecOps Consulting offering is delivered by senior security consultants, expert in Microsoft Cloud and security technologies, who adopt a risk based approach ensuring that strategic business objectives are delivered in a secure manner.

Objectives :

The primary objective is to provide expertise for the analysis and review of customers’ Azure architecture and implementation against Microsoft’s recommended security best practices

• Secure the Cloud:

o Review key areas of cloud security concerns o Perform gap assessments o Create actionable roadmap to strengthen cloud security

• Establish Security Framework:

o Create a high-level cloud security reference architecture o Establish client-specific, secure path forward to the cloud o Develop implementation plan to strengthen the client’s cloud security architecture

• Ensure Cloud Compliance:

o Enable compliance for any regulatory needs o Address control and process concerns associated with regulatory scrutiny

Our Approach - Three phase assessment process

Phase 1 - To understand the existing processes, configurations, security policies & controls

Phase 2 - Comprehensive analysis on existing controls, assessment areas against the Microsoft & Industry best practices

Phase 3 - Reporting assessment findings and recommended roadmap through workshops