Virtusa's Zero Trust Security Assessment for Azure Cloud:4-Weeks Assessment


Virtusa's Zero Trust Security assessment uses the zero-trust model to enable best-practice controls for you to safeguard data. confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Virtusa's Zero Trust Security Assessment performs a detailed review of the Azure architecture, configuration, and security checks on Azure cloud resources and assets. A combination of advisory, compliance, technical testing, and cyber engineering services provides recommendations to improve security capability built on Azure Environment. Each security solution proposed shall have a recommended plan paired with the organization's strategic goals.

Virtusa will deliver an assessment report that provides solution recommendations to improve Security across Azure cloud infrastructure and workloads. The analysis includes remediation methods to stay secure from a future possible security breach and predict cloud-based risks that help to reduce threats systematically.

During the 4 week assessment, Virtusa will support the following:

• Establish Zero Trust Security Framework.

• Secure your Azure Cloud infrastructure.

• Secure your Web Applications using Azure WAF / Azure Front Door.

• Secure your Critical Data.

• Share suggestions to implement security measures on Azure cloud environment.

• Assessment of Azure identity, Azure user, and system.

• Provide deep security analysis on your Azure cloud infrastructure.

Outcome of Virtusa's Zero Trust Security Assessment:

• Deep Analysis report on Azure Cloud Security

• Security risk legend table with risk legend rating

• Security Heat Map table

• Severity Scores of your Azure Cloud Environment

• Typical probable impacts and threat possibilities to Data or Systems due to security misconfigurations

• Recommendation on better Security Implementation to achieve Zero Trust Secure Environment

Benefits of Virtusa Zero Trust Security assessment:

• Improved infrastructure security capability

• Better access control and management using Azure AD

• Upgrade perimeter-based security approach to a data-driven approach using tools such as Azure Firewall , Azure Gateway , Azure NSG etc.

• Converged environment combining Secure Azure gateways, cloud access security brokers, and VPNs