Modern Web Application : 10 days of Assesment


Application optimization through modernization on a cloud native Azure architecture

The modernization of an application must conduct a mutation towards a 'Native Azure' architecture by bringing the advantages below:

  • Faster delivery Services become smaller with Azure Container Services and loosely coupled, teams associated with these services can work autonomously. Github and Azure DevOps increases developer productivity and also the frequency of deployments.
  • More reliable versions Developers can quickly build, test, and deploy new and existing services to production with the platform Azure Devtest Labs. Deployment to Production become a simple activity. This speeds up the software delivery process and reduces the risk of deployments.
  • Cost reduction The cost and complexity of test and production environments are greatly reduced thanks to shared and standardized services provided by the Azure platform, and because applications can run on an elastic infrastructure : the right power at the right time with Azure Autoscale.
  • Better security Azure provides a state-of-the-art feature set that is difficult to implement on your own. This covers technical bricks, services like Azure Defender, Azure Sentinel with Azure Security Center and “best practice” procedures of VISEO and Microsoft.
  • Greater availability Application availability and reliability are increased due to Azure Availibilty Zone, the reduced complexity of the operational environment and the ease of making configuration changes.