Azure Data Modernization Consultation: Free 1-Week Assessment Workshop

Visionet Systems, Inc

Visionet Systems Inc. specializes in providing expert consultation for Azure-based data modernization solutions.

Visionet Systems Inc. harnesses the power of Azure technologies to deliver a cloud-based, scalable, and cost-effective Modern Data Platform solution. With a resilient data strategy, our Data Modernization solutions empower organizations to build a robust data foundation for effective data management.

Our data modernization workshop includes a thorough assessment of your data platform requirements to understand your business objectives. We then gain an overview of your data infrastructure and landscape, following which we recommend the right Azure tools and technologies that are best suited to your data needs and will help you meet your strategic objectives.

We recommend Azure tools such as Data Factory, Data Lake, Synapse Analytics, Power BI, SQL Server, Apache Spark, and more to facilitate data ingestion, consolidation, storage & transformation from diverse sources, and enable self-service analytics reports to support informed decision-making. In this way, our approach guarantees a stable & resilient data platform, with enhanced scalability, cost optimization, and seamless data ingestion, processing & consumption capabilities.

We conclude our workshop by proposing a comprehensive roadmap to guide your organization in its Azure-powered data modernization journey.

Key Features - Workshop agenda

  1. Need Assessment: Understand data objectives to identify gaps in the current data ecosystem and define business requirements.
  2. Data Infrastructure Overview: Gain an overview of your organization’s current data infrastructure to understand the current state and map it to business objectives to highlight areas for optimization.
  3. Current Data Landscape Overview: Understand the current data landscape maturity stage to devise the most suitable course of action using the right set of tools and technologies.
  4. Assessment Report: Document our findings and recommendations in a comprehensive assessment report.
  5. Roadmap for short and long-term needs: Recommend a tailor-made roadmap to enable you to build a strong data foundation and meet short and long-term business objectives.

Modernize your data platform with Visionet, and make your data reliable, available, & accessible for informed decision-making.