ISO 27001 Readiness Assessment for Azure Environment

Visionet Systems Inc.

Advance confidently towards ISO 27001 certification for your Azure environment with Visionet's readiness assessment. Get a detailed analysis of your infrastructure operations & security policies.

Are you concerned about the security of your Azure environment? And aiming for ISO 27001 compliance but unsure where to begin? Visionet has the solution.

Delivered through our mature ISO 27001 cloud readiness assessment framework, Visionet provides a complete end-to-end analysis of your Azure infrastructure, interdependencies, data, security, and more to understand the existing security posture. We offer recommendations with a detailed assessment report on Microsoft Azure cloud services. This engagement includes high-level cloud strategy, Microsoft Azure security controls gap analysis, security and compliance alignment, detailed compliance checklist that maps specific ISO 27001 requirements to your Azure cloud environment.

Creating and maintaining an ISO 27001 compliant environment for cloud infrastructure is a complicated task in itself. Visionet’s ISO 27001 Readiness Assessment for Azure environment is tailor made for organizations planning an ISO/IEC 27001 Certification. Visonet will conduct a detailed cyber-security assessment across your Cloud operations and infrastructure which includes:

  1. Gap Assessment: Our experienced team will conduct a thorough assessment of your Azure environment, identifying any gaps between your current Azure security controls and the requirements of ISO 27001, this assessment will provide you with a clear road map for achieving compliance
  2. Review of Risk Assessments conducted: Our team will help you assess and manage risks by conducting thorough review of existing risk management process for your Azure infrastructure. Our experts will help you identify potential vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to mitigate those risks, ensuring robust security posture
  3. Recommendations on putting the appropriate security controls into place: In accordance with ISO 27001, our team of professionals will support you in putting the appropriate security controls into place. From access control and encryption to incident response and business continuity planning, we will help you establish a comprehensive security framework
  4. Monitoring of ongoing compliance: Compliance with ISO 27001 demands constant monitoring and upkeep; it cannot be achieved in a single effort. Our solution provides continuous compliance monitoring to help you stay on top of security risks and maintain ISO 27001 readiness Completion of readiness assessment for ISO 27001 (which can also be utilized as the required internal audit) for the defined Cloud environment scope will result in outcome as below
  5. Gap Assessment report, outlines the gaps between your current security practices and the requirements of ISO 27001, report specifies the areas where the controls are missing or not adequately implemented within your cloud environment.
  6. Compliance checklist, outlines the specific requirements of ISO 27001 and maps them to your Cloud environment. It serves as a reference to ensure that all necessary controls are in place and being followed