Optimization Current State Assesment: 2-Wk Assesment

Visma Consulting Oy

Technical consultation package designed to help organizations optimize their operations using mathematical optimization techniques supported by Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks.

  • Are you using your resources in the best possible way?
  • Is your organization capable of reacting to changes quickly and accurately?
  • Which improvements would yield the most significant impact with minimal effort?

Discover the answers with our tailored 2-week technical consultation package. Our expert team will assess the current state of your optimization models and provide actionable insights to enhance your organization's efficiency. By leveraging Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks, we ensure your optimization models remain agile, secure, and scalable.

Boost your productivity through automated or assisted decision-making with cutting-edge mathematical optimization techniques.


  1. Contact us to schedule a meeting
  2. Collaboratively define the objectives of the current state assessment
  3. Engage in a 2-week intensive period of data gathering, operational analysis, experimentation, and process review with the support of your experts and our Azure-backed resources
  4. Review the findings report with our team and plan the next steps for optimization