Visolit Cloud Assessment Service


This service assess your existing platform, workloads, and business needs, and helps you plan a secure and efficient cloud journey that supports your business goals.

The Cloud Assessment service helps you see the opportunities enabled by Microsoft cloud and to identify how Azure services can help you achieve your business goals.

Visolit's cloud strategy experts present their views on the cloud and provides a strategic decision basis for the customer's cloud investments, explaining the features of cloud-based IT.

4 meetings with customer stakeholders is included in this service:

  • WS1, "Vision & Objectives": What does other companies do and what opportunities exist? What cloud solution may best support your needs and goals?
  • WS2, "Requirements": Survey of current situation, customer expectations and needs, ongoing projects and initiatives.
  • WS3, "Evaluation": Evaluate and analyze needs and options for going forward.
  • WS4, “Planning": Creating the plan for next steps, including basic infrastructure transition

The first three meetings will be scheduled for 3 hours each, and the last meeting will be scheduled for 2 hours.

A final assessment report summarizing the meetings outcomes as well as Visolit's recommendation on how to continue the cloud journey is included.