Health Check Workshop by VMware Tanzu Labs

VMware Inc.

The VMware Tanzu Labs Health Check provides a comprehensive assessment of an organization's software development practices, processes, and tools, with the aim of identifying areas for improvement.

Your business depends on highly available and resilient applications and infrastructure to run smoothly. When your software does not perform as it should or there’s a break in your path to production, it’s critical to find and address the root cause so that you can focus on delivering results for your organization.

Our VMware Tanzu Labs Health Check is a short, intensive engagement focused on diagnostics, recommendations and, when possible, hands-on tactical fixes.

During a Health Check engagement, VMware Tanzu Labs consultants will work closely with an organization's development team(s) to understand their current software development practices and identify any blockers preventing them from reaching optimal performance. This may include:

• Root cause analysis of obstacles to achieving improved performance from your apps • Identify opportunities for improvement through automation, tooling and process changes. • Transfer of skills and enablement on topics most relevant to your team’s needs. • Identify and improve pains to foster happier, more engaged teams.

Based on the assessment, VMware Tanzu Labs consultants will provide a detailed report that includes recommendations for improving your organization's software development practices, processes, and tools.

The Health Check service is designed to help organizations optimize their software development practices with Azure Spring Apps, reduce time to market, and increase software quality. It is particularly useful for organizations that are adopting new technologies or transitioning to cloud-native architectures.

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