Azure Governance and Fundamentals Custom Workshop

vNext IQ Inc.

To get high-level overview of concepts and implementation of Azure Governance Processes

With this VNEXT’s Azure Governance & Fundamentals – 2hour virtual briefing, you will get a high-level overview of fundamentals, concepts and implementation insights for you to learn how Governance in Microsoft Azure looks like and how to architect and implement it. Azure Governance Topics to be delivered as part of this briefing include: Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure: Define strategy, plan, get ready and adopt.

Disclaimer- Pricing and Duration are estimates, they will vary depending on engagement selected.

-Management groups and subscription management -Naming standards and resource tagging -RBAC (Role Based Access Controls) -Azure policies and auditing -Azure Resource Graph (i.e. resource tracking) -Networking / Identity controls -Security configuration, monitoring and alerting -Azure Cost Management -Planning for compliance requirements (i.e. custom internal corporate compliance, NIST SP 800-53 R4, PCI-DSS, etc.) -Azure DevOps -Resource management and interaction via Azure Portal, Azure CLI, PowerShell -Meaning and examples of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Policy as Code (PaC) using: Azure Blueprints ARM Templates PowerShell Azure CLI / Azure Cloud Shell Terraform

2-Hour Virtual Workshop: To get high-level overview of concepts and implementation.

4-Hour Virtual Workshop: For you to get an overview with examples on the Azure Portal and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

1-Day Virtual Workshop: To get detailed review with examples via Azure Portal and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) where users can participate with their laptops and Azure accounts with optional learning exercises. Some basic Azure knowledge is required including active Azure accounts if a hands-on-lab (HOL) option is desired.

Customized Virtual Workshops & Assessments: To continue your Azure’s journey with more in-depth virtual workshops and customized assessments from analysis of Azure environment, insights, best practices, detailed documentation, to migration and implementation.