Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): 3-Week Implementation


VOLO offers Azure Kubernetes Service implementation to leverage containerization benefits such as portability, reliability, availability, reduced complexity, agility and fast delivery.

VOLO is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and a global software development and innovation company, with extensive experience in Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) implementation, migration, automation, deployment, monitoring integration and operations management. 
VOLO offers Azure Kubernetes Service implementation to address problems with application scalability/decoupling and infrastructure dependencies, issues with optimal resource/hardware utilizations, outages during releases, low developer productivity, manual system state monitoring and process configuration.
Azure Kubernetes Service is the Kubernetes managed tool for simplified cluster deployment on Microsoft Azure cloud and leveraging flexibility, automation and reduced management overhead for administrators and developers.
After AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) implementation, which supports agile techniques, the outcomes would be accelerated application development and scalability, self-healing state application, zero-downtime, rolling updates and efficient resource utilization.

• Assessment of current application(s) design and business objectives
• Mapping of existing application dependencies
• Proposal of application infrastructure desired state/design with appropriate changes if applicable
• Risk evaluation
• Workshop on required cluster parameters with corresponding cost structure
• Proof of concept with supporting documentation
• Implementation plan including:
• Downtime estimation
• Implementation steps
• Risk assessment
• Rollback plan
• AKS implementation
• Customer acceptance test
• Documentation

• Complete and functional Kubernetes cluster for the application (s)
• Full deployment of application(s) running on Azure Kubernetes Service
• Low level implementation documentation
• Knowledge transfer to in-house engineers

Note: the pricing and the duration for the service depends on a number of factors including (but not limited to) customer size, workloads involved and geographical spread.