Azure Virtual Desktop Pilot: 3-Week Implementation

Watserv Inc.

Learn how your business can optimize IT costs through the implementation of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) technology. WatServ is an accredited AVD Advanced Specialization partner.

With this 3-week* Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) (formerly WVD) Pilot, WatServ will demonstrate how AVD can help you optimize your IT spend, improve your business productivity and continuity - without diminishing your end-user satisfaction with the technology.

This Pilot is designed to be a practical evaluation for the technology, or as a precursor to a full AVD engagement.

The 3-week* Pilot will include the following activities:

Week 1: Planning and Discovery

  • Kick-off Workshop
    • Overview of AVD
    • Success criteria determination for Pilot
  • Customer environment assessment and joint discovery
    • Security and privacy requirements
    • Current architecture (network topology, applications, etc.) review
    • Current configuration (e.g. AD, Private Cloud, MFA) review
    • Project plan baseline e. User cutover review
  • Design Phase
    • Development of Azure AVD Design Visio
Week 2: Building of Landing Zone / Environment
  • Pilot Implementation / Installation
    • Up to 3 Vnets deployed in a hub and spoke
    • Creation of 1 base master image, 1 AVD host pool
    • Deployment of up to 2 AVD workloads
    • Configuration of up to 2 Apps and Desktops
Week 3: Testing / Adoption / Review
  • Pilot Rollout
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Rollout execution
    • Up to 2 weeks post pilot support
  • Evaluation and Review
    • Document and review with customer based on success criteria
    • Recommendations for next steps
Special Offer: For customers that sign up for our AVD Pilot, WatServ will apply a special discount equivalent to 20% of the Pilot costs against a full AVD project.

* Approximate timing; terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement