Azure AI Audit and Roadmap: 2wk Assessment

Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech s.r.o.

A series of workshops to analyze current requirements at your company and devise the step-by-step roadmap how to employ Azure AI tools to help you achieve your goals

Who is it for?: For companies that heard about the potential in AI and who stand at the beginning of the journey to benefit from it.

Within this consulting service we will analyze your company's strategy, operational requirements, and customer needs in order to find the right and ROI-positive application of Azure AI. Additionally, you will see how the structured data extracted from unstructured documents can be harnessed and redirected for applications within your operation. As an outcome of the audit, we will establish the proper tools, recommendations and the roadmap to achieve your targets with the help of Azure AI. Outcome:

  • Identification of Azure AI tools with the highest potential to benefit your business/r
  • Tailored ROI-positive roadmap to acquire those tools and skills/r