Azure Infrastructure: 8 Wk Proof of Concept

Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech s.r.o.

Test the hypothesis and concepts devised in discovery workshops before committing to a large project

For whom it is: Companies that see potential benefits in Azure data infrastructure and AI use-cases and wish to test them first in controlled scale and environment.

Like any good manager, you want to test the new technology before committing to a large transformational project. We will help you devise and execute Proof of Concept scenarios for cloud and AI concepts designed in our discovery workshops.

Typical PoC consists of:

  • Analysis and preparation of data (typically 2 weeks)/r
  • Proof of Concept live phase (typically 4 weeks)/r
  • Analysis and presentation of results and further recommendations (typically 2 weeks)/r

As an outcome you will get:

  • Data on proven efficiency of the new technology/r
  • Hands-on experience with functioning of the new concepts/r
  • Practical insights how to better adapt the technology to your needs/r
  • Recommendations on the next steps/r