Azure Migration: 6-Wk Implementation

Werq Labs Private Limited

Transform your On-Premise Architecture to Azure Cloud using Azure Migrate, Azure Database Migration Service

Cloud migration and modernization are ongoing processes that need considerable organizational change management across people, processes, and technology. Taking a comprehensive strategy will not only help you successfully traverse the trip, but it will also assist guarantee that your business achieves new benefits, such as efficiency, agility, and scale once your workloads are operating on the cloud.

We can migrate your on-premise Servers, Virtual Machines, Databases, and Web Applications to Azure utilizing Azure Migrate and Azure Database Migration Service.

We would be able to migrate your existing workload into the cloud in three stages

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Operations

Planning This phase will entail creating a strategy, assessing the environment, and successfully communicating with stakeholders to ensure that the execution roadmap is understood.

Following are the steps that will take place:

  • Define Strategy
  • Including and Aligning Stakeholders
  • Engaging the Services of a Cloud Migration
  • Planning Transition
  • Creating a Case for Migration
  • Creating a Comprehensive Strategy

Implementation: This phase will consist of iterations that entail transferring a piece of workload every iteration and describing how the newly migrated task must be processed.

Following are the steps that will take place:

  • Prepare for the Migration
  • Establish landing zones
  • Examine the Best Practices
  • Workload Migration (Using tools like Azure Migrate, etc.)
  • Iteratively assess, move, optimize, and promote workloads
  • Prepare to broaden your horizons with cloud migration best practices.

Manage and protect your workloads: We will migrate one workload at a time or a small set of workloads each release using an iterative method. With each iteration, we will assist in ensuring that workloads are ready to meet production needs by analyzing, moving, and optimizing them.

Following are the steps that will take place:

  • Gaining visibility and control over the security position
  • Assistance in quickly building and growing apps and workloads while preserving control
  • Help in managing and reducing costs in your cloud infrastructures

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

  • Scale with the growing business needs
  • High Reliability and Uptime
  • Centralized Data accessible across geographic regions
  • Higher Security and Compliance
  • Low Maintenance Cost, Reduced Upfront Cost
  • Pay as you go Model to control your usage

Note - The Pricing and Level of efforts are estimated and can vary based on the Size of Datacenter for Migration and Complexity of the Data Center and Inclusion of new Services from Azure.