Azure Cost Optimization - 1 Day Assessment

Windows Management Experts, Inc.

Partner with us to better understand and pro-actively monitor your Azure service environments.

Preparing for the unexpected is a lot of work. The workload is heavy: Software updates for hundreds of diverse OS platforms. Licensing management for dozens of enterprise software titles. Security management for multiple datacenters. The list goes on.

Vigilance is required: Sure, you have good people. But things change and the unexpected can happen. A DNS server gets compromised and misdirects users to malicious sites. A construction mishap across town cut fiber to your data center. Unsanctioned infrastructure (Shadow IT) quietly evolves into a load-bearing tool with unknown weaknesses. You have to be ready to react quickly or risk liability and loss of revenue without going over budget.

Readiness is expensive: Having a 100% on-premises infrastructure is powerful. No one questions that. But preparing for disaster (natural or technical) requires tremendous levels of redundancy at every level to be effective and all those “just in case” standby resources come with a massive cost.

Solution: Offload the Workload and pay for what you use with our Azure Cost Optimization.

Windows Management Experts (WME) offers you a path to securely offload some or all of this workload to the Microsoft Azure “as-a-service” solutions (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS). These will provide a highly secure, scalable and customizable foundation for your business while giving you global redundancy and recoverability for a fraction of the overall cost of maintaining the same services on-premises.

Outcome: By the end of this engagement you should be able to identify cost saving strategies and be able to enable the tools and processes to implement the strategy in your Azure Tenant

Deliverable: 6-10-page document tailored for your environment and based on your current consumption and resource demand 3-page recommendations document to optimize the environment and manage spending 1-Hour follow-up call with Architect to review findings.