Microsoft Entra ID Evaluation: 1-Week Program

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With Entra ID Evaluation, gain insights into your authentication & access control systems. Strengthen data protection and achieve compliance effortlessly. Safeguard your valuable assets NOW!

Get a customized report of the Entra ID evaluation and findings and expert recommendations from Windows Management Experts

Are you managing user identities and access via Azure Active Directory (Now, Entra ID) and looking to ensure its best utilization and security? Look no further than Windows Management Experts, your trusted Microsoft ecosystem security partner. We specialize in Microsoft's Identity & Access Management Tools. We ensure that your Entra ID (Previously Azure AD) environment is efficient and secure. Ultimately, we help you protect Your SaaS applications, Microsoft 365 & Azure apps and custom-built cloud or on-premises web apps from potential threats.

Microsoft Entra ID Evaluation: An Overview

The Microsoft Entra ID Evaluation at WME offers a comprehensive analysis of user authentication methods at your organization. It assesses identity verification through single sign-on, multifactor authentication, Conditional Access, and lifecycle management. This evaluation aims to enhance security and user experience for Microsoft offerings including Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and various cloud-based applications.

Agenda of the WME Entra ID Evaluation:

✔ Multi-factor authentication (MFA) evaluation with emphasis on time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) and push notifications. ✔ Analyzing MFA resilience against phishing and brute-force attacks. ✔ Examining user interaction data to identify unique patterns. ✔ Consultation on configuring risk-based authentication parameters. ✔ Testing Entra ID's biometric recognition accuracy with diverse user profiles. ✔ Reviewing comprehensive evaluation reports and generating insights for improvement.

How We Assess Your Entra ID Environment:

• Our highly skilled WME consultants will acquire direct access to your Microsoft Entra ID Environment. • Our comprehensive report provides a unified view of all the components in your Entra ID environment. • It includes an evaluation of risks categorized as High, Medium, and Low, allowing you to prioritize and address critical issues promptly. • Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We dedicate 1-2 hours to reviewing the evaluation findings with you. • We provide expert opinions and recommend actions based on the findings. • Get insights to help yourself adhere to multiple security-related regulations. • The time frame for completing the Entra ID Evaluation is approximately one week, with the report delivered to your team within five days.

The Security of Your Entra ID is Crucial for Your Business

Partner with WME today to proactively protect your business from potential security breaches and vulnerabilities in your identity & Access Management. Invest in Your Identity Management NOW!!