Wintellect App Modernization - 2-Week Assessment

Wintellect, L.L.C.

Take your legacy apps to the modern web and desktop and crush the competition

Companies across all industries are facing intense pressure from competitors offering newer, more modern software and cloud-¬based products and services. You face demands for richer fea¬tures; higher performance; and cost limitations around development, infrastructure, and maintenance. Not to mention issues around security for out-of-date systems and customer satisfaction is¬sues. You need to modernize or risk losing out in the marketplace.

Wintellect, a Microsoft Gold AppDev and Cloud Platform partner, has long experience in moving line-of-business app to the modern web and Azure cloud. Migrate legacy apps to the modern web. Go mobile with Xamarin to increase your reach and work across all devices. Then add the power of the Azure cloud with modern DevOps processes, airtight security, and easy-to-configure Backup and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) services.

Get started with this two-week Assessment engagement:

• Review and analysis of current application portfolio

• Current “state of DevOps” assessment

• Analysis of potential business and technical challenges

• Presentation and joint review of modernization options and recommendations

• Delivery of assessment results and go-forward roadmap


• Decreased Costs - Significantly lower your development, de¬ployment, and maintenance costs

• Increased customer satisfaction - Add modern capabilities, with rich visuals and new features

• Increased Security - Protect against security breaches and legacy code vulnerabilities

• Leverage the Cloud - Take advantage of the Azure cloud, and scale at the touch of a button, while leveraging new cloud services such as Analytics and AI

Wintellect is a Microsoft Azure Migration Partner and an Advanced Specialization partner, the highest recognition possible from Microsoft. We were awarded the IAMCP Worldwide MS Channel Partner of the year in 2018, and in 2019 we won the MSUS Partner Award for Intelligent Cloud. You can’t be in better hands than with Wintellect.