Healthcare Cloud Security – 7 Days Imp

Wintellisys, Inc.

This 7 days consulting engagement will help you and your team to develop a defense-in-depth strategy utilizing Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory Premium, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.

Activities for 7 days:

Hardened Infrastructure Assessment and Analysis:

  • Resources are locked into their configuration parameters through the use of Azure Blueprint. The deployed resources include: Azure Firewall, Active Directory, Key Vault, Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Virtual Networks with subnets, Network Security Groups, and Role Based Access Control definitions. Policy Controls Implementation:: Set of Azure policies that help provide real-time enforcement, compliance assessment, and remediation. Azure Automation: dramatically reduces response times by enforcing account protection, account remediation, and modification of access policies automatically or via workflow/delegation based on the threat assessment. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Implementation: protects users from phishing URLs at time-of-click and allows revocation/blocking of the attack URLs. Microsoft Cloud App Security Implementation: provides forensic behavioral data and multiple pivots for attack investigation, maintains known attack signatures, and tracks indications of compromise for discovering unknown attacks. Power BI Report creation: visually correlates data gathered from threat assessment and tracking indications of compromise in order to determine sources of compromise and common attack vectors.

Deliverables and Outcome:

  • Azure Infrastructure Security Assessment Report
  • Customized Blueprint and control mapping
  • Recommendation of right set of tools for monitoring and management
  • Compliance based on Azure Policy
  • In depth insight and guidance on Information Security