Design Thinking Led AI Innovation : 4-Wk Workshop

WinWire Technologies

A Design Thinking Workshop led approach to AI Innovation to design and build future products.

Today's new-age organizations realize the need to add innovative capabilities to become digital natives to transform their business and achieve data-driven business outcomes.

Developing better products, deriving new data-driven insights or new solutions faster has never been more critical than now to respond to the growing customer demands. Organizations look for data-driven digital innovation teams to ideate, elevate customer experience, build new LOBs and products, and achieve competitive advantage.

WinWire's Innovation and AI workshop help reframe their problem statements, ideate, prioritize, create Proofs-of-Concept and Minimum Viable Products (MVP) prototype to solve complex problems via customer empathy, design thinking, and prototyping techniques.

Our design thinking approach and Azure AI/Cognitive services enable enterprises with innovative ideas to develop and test rapidly.


Offer 1: Design Thinking in AI/ML - Week 1 & 2

  • Empathy maps
  • Problem statement
  • Ideation & list of potential ideas for prototyping
  • Virtual 1:1 Workshops

Offer 2: Prototyping/ Envisioning – Week 3

  • Selected User Story/Case
  • Wireframes/Mock-ups
  • Solution Prototype in ML (as needed)

Offer 3: Architecture, Roadmap – Week 4

  • Business Case deck
  • Blueprint for MVP
  • Roadmap of Features


  • Highly relevant or prioritized set of ideas
  • Wireframes/mock-ups for solution prototypes
  • High-level technical architecture blueprint


  • Offer 1: US $20,000
  • Offer 1 & 2: US $40,000
  • Offer 1, 2 & 3: US $50,000
Offer 2 (Includes problem definition + prototyping/solution envisioning) Offer 3 (Includes all that is offered in 1 and 2 as well)