AWS to Azure Migration - 10 Week Assessment

WinWire Technologies

WinWire’s AWS to Azure migration assessment enables you to migrate your existing infrastructure, applications, and database from other public cloud environments to Azure.

Migrating from public cloud services to Azure can be complex and time-consuming. WinWire is helping organizations accelerate Azure Migration at reduced risks, complexities, and cost.

WinWire evaluates your current environment by leveraging state-of-art tools and combining its experience from large-scale migrations to build a comprehensive roadmap to Azure Migration. Our proven methodology helps organizations optimize workloads and safely migrate them to Azure.

Our Approach : Our approach follows six key steps in your migration journey

  • Step 1: Analyze Current Environment
  • Analyze current VM configurations - specifications, and dependencies & capacity utilization
  • Analyze the current network configuration & utilization, current firewall rules and SSL certificates requirements
  • Step 2: Stakeholder Discussion
  • Define the objectives, understand the current system features
  • Content that needs to be migrated vs discarded, archival & compliance needs
  • Likes / dislikes of features, Business prioritization of product modules
  • Step 3: Azure PaaS Pilot Design
  • Map existing resources/ functions to appropriate PaaS components on Azure
  • Review the proposed Azure architecture, and provide recommendations
  • Prepare detailed data and schema migration from existing components to Azure
  • Step 4: Azure Tenant Setup & Configuration
  • Configure AAD, & establish synchronization (Azure AD Connect) between the on-premises and Azure AD
  • Setup Site-to-Site VPN between the Extreme Networks network and Microsoft Azure
  • Setup DevOps and DataOps
  • Step 5: Product modules and Data migration
  • Configure all the data platform and PaaS services
  • Refactor code in a modular fashion with sprint-based releases
  • Data migration and setup
  • Step 6: Azure PaaS Configuration & Testing
  • Run the appropriate templates to build out the Azure environment
  • Perform the testing on the new migrated Azure PaaS Pilot

Key deliverables

  • Assessment report for the existing infrastructure
  • Produce the SWOT analysis
  • Fully configured Azure tenant
  • Fully functional Azure based solution – modern app and data platform