Microsoft Community Training 6 Week Implementation

Wipfli LLP

Implement the Microsoft Community Training platform (MCT) to extend your reach and enhance your training and educational offerings to your constituents

Microsoft Community Training (MCT) is an Azure-based learning platform built for organizations to run community learning programs. MCT supports personalized learning at scale with affordable, easy-to-manage technology, limited infrastructure, robust security, and privacy protection.

MCT is not a traditional Learning Management System (LMS), but rather an Azure based Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution focused on delivering curated training at scale to community and citizen learners in low connectivity areas, while providing administrative capabilities and a low-cost solution for the organization.

Wipfli believes that the focus on low connectivity/offline functionality, optimization for mobile devices, and scale deployment distinguishes MCT from other learning platforms. The platform's ease of use and deployment, multiple authentication support, and consumption-only pricing model make MCT an attractive solution for organizations seeing a low-cost learning solution that can be deployed rapidly.

Wipfli's MCT implementation offering includes:

  • Set up sandbox MCT portal to promote exploration and experimentation
  • Facilitate client's MCT implementation decision-making
  • Share implementation best practices
  • Produce MCT implementation plan for client
  • Provision and configure client's Azure subscription
  • Set-up private branded portal and administrators
  • Configure learner authentication and identification management
  • Guide discussion and implementation strategy for use of custom learner fields to inform smart content assignment and reporting/analytics
  • Work with client to structure course content for optimal learner discovery and consumption (e.g. categories, learning paths)
  • Train MCT administrators on platform, student, and course management
  • Configure and test mobile, online, and offline functionality
  • Client's Azure subscription will support workloads for additional Azure resources such as LogicApps, SendGrid, and storage