iShelf Insights - 12 weeks implementation

Wipro Ltd

iShelf Insights, powered by Azure's Computer Vision API, allows store associates to capture a shelf image and detect in real time if items are correctly placed, and are in stock - lifting productivity

Business Problem: Achieving consistent product displays (or sets) in shelves and avoiding items running out-of-stock is an uphill battle for most retailers. Top 3 challenges faced by retailers are:

  • Negative customer experience if shoppers find items incorrectly placed in shelves, or are missing, often resulting in churn
  • In-person audit is manual and expensive for store associates
  • Lack of corporate visibility at stores to see if planograms are compliant

    About this Implementation offer:
    iShelf Insights, a consulting service 12 weeks implementation offer, powered by Azure’s Custom Vision API. It can save retailers time and money and will ensure correct planograms maintained across all stores. It allows store employees to take a picture of a shelf and detect in real time if items are incorrectly placed and/or missing, enabling them to correct planograms in real time.

    This solution offer is powered by Azure Cloud Services. It leverages Azure Custom Vision cognitive service which allows to label the images, train the custom model and run the model on Azure cloud to recognize the product on the shelf images. The solution has a Microsoft Power BI based insightful dashboard about planogram compliance for merchandizers and store managers.

    Key Features:
    • Easy capture of shelf image using camera to detect shelf anomalies in real time (e.g. misplaced items, missing items)
    • Capture scenario specific feedback for anomalies (e.g. item out of stock, planogram updated, etc.)
    • Exploit various operational synergies by analysing shelf image and triggering real time alerts – for e.g. low stock / no stock alerts if items on shelf are running out-of-stock, outdated pricing alerts if price printed on shelf labels are incorrect, locate items that require picking for Click-and-collect orders, etc.
    • Enable enterprise-wide reporting and corporate visibility by store, by fixture to see if they are compliant, allowing them to draw correlations between store performance and compliance rates
    • Scalable – supports planograms uniquely defined for the entire store footprint of the retailer
    • Promote brand cohesiveness and protect brand image across 1st party and 3rd party retailers
    • Drive sustainable visual merchandising – reduces carbon footprint by eliminating the use of paper that was traditionally used for planogram binders

      Our solution benefits:
      • Improve store associate productivity
      • Reduce lost sales by avoiding out-of-stock scenarios
      • Improve customer satisfaction & brand loyalty

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