Wipro FinOps Solution Offering: 3 hours Workshop

Wipro Ltd

This 3 hours workshop will help you discover how Wipro FinOps solution can manage, govern and optimizing Azure Cloud Consumption & a calibrated economic model framework to strengthen the cost posture.

Business Problem:

Businesses today increasingly rely on cloud as a critical enabler for their growth, innovation and operations. The benefits of cloud for the business are well established. However, while the enterprises are more open to deploying workloads on Microsoft Azure, they are unsure of the cloud costs that are incurred when using the various Azure cloud services. They are unable to optimize and control the costs for the essential needs and reduce costs for the unused areas of the cloud.

Top challenges faced by enterprises are:

  • Absence of an evolving and optimal Cloud Consumption Model
  • Missing strategy and processes to define and improve optimization initiatives.
  • Lack of Cloud governance and Cloud Center of Excellence organization structure and operating model for driving and enhancing cost optimization and avoidance initiatives
  • Lack of the right tools to conduct discovery of data, analysis of cost trends and automation of optimization recommendations
  • Lack of consolidated dashboard for cost and utilization data

  • About this Consulting Service Workshop:

    In this 3 hours consulting service workshop, Wipro will cover how FinOps Solution can provide a methodology led and platform driven end to end capability of managing, governing, and optimizing Azure Cloud Consumption and a calibrated economic model framework to strengthen the cost posture.

    Agenda of this Workshop:

  • Challenges Faced while operating on Cloud, introduction of FinOps Discipline & Fundamentals - 30 mins
  • Wipro FinOps Solution Approach & Offering Differentiator - 60 mins
  • FinOps Tool Demo, tool capabilities and deployment options
  • Case study, Q&As and How Wipro can help you on next steps?

  • Wipro FinOps Solution:

    Wipro FinOps solution is a right blend of cost optimization advisory and associated tools and processes enabling customers to achieve their cost savings goals. Cloud Cost Management is driven by insights from observability and adherence to the defined governance. The key highlight of Wipro’s solution capabilities is the advisory expertise brought in by Wipro’s FinOps practitioners, with tailored methodology and principles and a cost optimization tool to evaluate the cost posture and recommendations on spend insights, as well automated steps to optimize spends in Azure cloud. Wipro FinOps solution helps organizations to build right cloud optimization strategy by understanding their cloud operating expenses to align outcomes with objectives. The solution brings capabilities around advanced analytics of cloud platform datasets. This helps provide actionable insights for resource optimization.

    Some of the key Azure services (but not limited to) where the tool contributes to a majority of savings for enterprise customers are Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Kubernetes services, Azure App Services and Log Analytics. The solution also allows configuration of checks and bounds for cost avoidance.

    Key features of this solution are based on 4 cost governance pillars:

  • Observability: Cost inventory discovery and usage analysis
  • Governance: Access control, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Optimization: Cost and Utilization recommendations and right sizing
  • Communication: Reporting and Persona based Dashboards, Alerts, Notifications

  • Wipro's Differentiator:

  • Wipro transforms cloud cost data into actionable insights for cost-optimized operations. Wipro is uniquely positioned to deliver cost optimization capabilities across all 4 categories: Observability, Governance, Optimization and Communication
  • Built on a foundational financial governance & cloud economic model. This helps enterprises have a structured forward-looking approach right from setting the goals and objectives to having a calibrated approach comprising of policies & guidelines, processes, and tools & technologies to ensure effective use of Azure Cloud resources & capabilities
  • Unique ‘Governance for Governance’ model to ensure that the frameworks are adaptive to emergent needs of IT, business, and the larger industry. It helps define metrics, dashboard, and reporting requirements

  • Solution benefit:

  • Enhanced Azure Cloud Support and Expertise
  • End-End Financial Ops & Governance
  • Comprehensive Cloud Financial management
  • Rapid and easy multiple Deployment models, configuration along with Integration
  • Continuous optimization and savings

  • For more details about this solution and next steps, please connect with us!