Wipro AVS Cloud Solution: 4 Weeks Proof of Concept

Wipro Ltd

Wipro's AVS 4 weeks' Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate how to migrate On-Prem VMWare to Azure

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is an IaaS private cloud offering built on VMware Cloud Foundation running on dedicated bare-metal servers in Azure regions. AVS enables a fast path to the cloud for seamlessly migrating or extending on-prem VMware workloads. AVS provides the native Azure service and has native integration with Azure’s broad ecosystem of services including DR, Backup, Azure Active Directory, Azure management and security services and more.

Wipro, with its credentials and experience, will leverage its best practices and proven strategy for successful migrations to AVS. Wipro will execute this migration PoC remotely from offshore delivery center.

Though Azure & VMware jointly designed AVS, Wipro being preferred partner can help you seamless and risk free shifting of your existing VMware workloads to AVS. With our expertise in AVS, you can engage us for a PoC to help you make decisions and plan strategy to migrate to AVS.

The Paid 4 weeks' POC service inclusions:

  • Wipro will evaluate the workload (<=10 VMWare VM instances from on-prem dev/test env with 100 GB max storage) for the Migration, and will be finalized during our discussion.
  • Assessment & migration of the identified agreed on-prem VMware workloads
  • Azure Landing Zone with basic security setup and AVS Env readiness for the PoC
  • Migration of on-prem VMware VMs through HCX.
  • System testing/validation, Hyper Care support, documentation and handover to BAU team post migration.
  • Project management for AVS migration

  • Pre requisites for 4 weeks POC:
    • Tools installation & access to your On-Prem VMware env
    • An Azure subscription
    • Connectivity between on-prem & Azure

    • Service Exclusions:
      • On-Prem connectivity, Azure subscription, AVS consumption
      • Application performance & functional tests are out of scope