Fortifying SDLC on Azure with Defender for DevOps: 3-Wks Consulting Assessment

Wipro Ltd

Discover and evaluate the application security risk posture on Azure with Wipro's Application Security framework leveraging Defender for DevOps

Application layers have been a focal point of entry for adversaries looking to compromise mission-critical organizational assets. They contain critical customer, financial, and product data. A breach of these systems may lead to data loss, major business disruption, reputational loss, legal implications, and direct revenue impact. Wipro’s approach is to perform a maturity assessment on the application technology stake from a people, process, and technology standpoint, followed by a recommendation roadmap to secure application code, configuration, and CI/CD infrastructure. The Wipro Application Security Assessment Framework refers to industry standard frameworks like OWASP SAMM and DSOMM while performing maturity scoring.

The assessment seeks to offer an "AS-IS" risk posture as well as to detect security gaps between existing risk and target states. The Wipro application security lifecycle assessment report covers results and recommendations for safeguarding Azure and multi-cloud applications. During the assessment phase, Azure Defender for DevOps will be used to gain code, configuration, and CI/CD infrastructure-level vulnerability insights. The assessment duration varies based on the number of applications in scope.

Discover, assess, and remediate applications code security risks through Wipro’s SDLC maturity framework powered by Defender for DevOps.
Microsoft Defender for DevOps and GitHub Advanced Security to assist developers and organizations in securing their software development lifecycle on Microsoft and multi-clouds.

Some of key benefit:

  • Unified visibility into DevOps security posture
  • Strengthen cloud resource configurations throughout the development lifecycle
  • Prioritize remediation of critical issues in code

    With a risk-based perspective, the Wipro Application Security Framework offers the ability to conduct current state analyses, recommend security controls, and tailor domains and sub-domains to correspond with organizational strategic, operational, and tactical goals.

What to expect:
We’ll partner with you to strengthen your organization’s approach to fortify application security landscape on Azure and multi-cloud . We’ll help you better understand potential application security gaps and how to prioritize and mitigate potential attacks.

Note: Price and duration may vary if multi-cloud providers are in scope.
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