SAP Migration (Rehost) Catalogue Offering on Azure: 4 months Implementation

Wipro Ltd

This four months migration offer will help you do a risk free, on-time and on-budget migration of small, medium and large list of SAP applications to Microsoft Azure.

Background and details about this offer:

For organizations looking for SAP applications migration on Azure cloud, Wipro’s approach is risk free, ensuring on-time and on-budget migration of SAP applications to cloud. Wipro's services also include SAP landscape assessment and post migration support. The Wipro Cloud Studio tool automates Infra and SAP builds on Azure for smooth SAP migration from on-premises.

Key features of Wipro's SAP on Azure Migration Framework offer:

  • Safe Passage Framework to create a best fit cloud transformation roadmap
  • Proven tools/accelerators to reduce the overall timelines, downtime resulting in lower cost of migration
  • Managed services (optional) post migration for applications and infrastructure

  • Key benefits that organizations can leverage by adopting SAP on Azure Migration Services include:
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and improvement in system stability with up-to-date software versions (Operating system and Database)
  • End-to-end ownership by Wipro (Discovery, Assessment, Build, Test, Migration and Hypercare) that can enable customer for future transformation & innovation on Azure
  • Catalog based pricing with clear indication on cost of migration
  • Minimal disruption to business leveraging Wipro’s tools and techniques
  • Cost optimization and availability SLAs by expert target sizing and architecture design

  • This Migration Catalogue offering is classified in three categories:

  • SMALL – 1 to 5 SAP applications
  • MEDIUM – 6 to10 SAP applications
  • LARGE – 11 to 15 SAP applications