PoC on Skytap on Azure: 8 Weeks

Wipro Ltd

8 Weeks PoC - Wipro's Skytap on Azure with Wipro’s scalable services - Transform your traditional applications to Azure without rewriting them

Skytap on Azure is a cloud service designed to natively run power and x86 traditional enterprise application in Azure. It is a cloud computing service that runs traditional enterprise workloads natively in the cloud. Skytap allows companies of any size running IBM AIX, IBMi, and Linux based OS, or traditional x86 workloads to easily migrate to Azure. It enables IBM Power workloads to run on Azure without rewriting App code or re-architecting which creates a faster path to the cloud at lower costs.

Wipro, with its credentials & experience, is keen to migrate in scope application as described in the services below. Wipro will execute this migration PoC remotely from offshore.

Service Inclusions:

  • Assessment & migration of one application of moderate size & complexity.
  • Azure Landing Zone & Skytap Env readiness.
  • Network connectivity, basic security setup leveraging Azure & Skytap Native services.
  • Migration of LPARs on Skytap & post migration system testing/validation.
  • Hyper Care support, documentation & handover to BAU team.
  • Project management services for migration.

  • Key Considerations:
  • LPARs in scope of Skytap migration should be running on versions as below
  • A) IBMi: Version 7.2 or above B) AIX: AIX 6.1 TL 9 SP 10 or above
  • Lower OS versions other than stated above will require an upgrade. Requisite to upgrade LPARs to Skytap supported version will impact charges & timeline.
  • On-Prem connectivity, Azure & Skytap subscription and any license expenses are not included in offering.
  • App performance & functional tests are excluded from this scope.
  • Moderate complex App which includes up to 8 LPARs & 8TB of data.

  • Benefits:
  • Trust to transform workloads on Skytap post successful migration
  • Allows customers to host & run their workloads on updated hardware & enhanced performance