Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) : 1-Hr Briefing

Wipro Ltd

1 Hour session on how WVD and Wipro virtuadeskTM can help customers accelerate their journey to Remote Working Solution in secure manner on Cloud.

This briefing sessions gives you an Overview of how Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop solution along with Wipro virtuadeskTM value adds can strategize your cloud journey and help you in understanding WVD capabilities, cost implications and suitability for workloads.


    This one hour briefing will be split into two parts, the first 15 minutes will focus on understanding the existing landscape and challenges.
    The other 45 minutes we will take you through WVD & Wipro virtuadesk capabilities and explore the possible solution strategies for the customer environment with the benefits that come around WVD.

    Some of the top aspects we will cover here are :

  • Wipro virtuadesk leadership in desktop virtualization space
  • WVD reference architecture, key features & benefits
  • Wipro virtuadeskTM using Azure WVD-value proposition and key differentiators
  • Partner Ecosystem
  • Wipro virtuadesk Automation & Monitoring
  • Azure Security for WVD
  • Azure Capabilities for WVD Management
  • WVD Operations Support Model
  • Assessment & Migration Approach
  • Next Steps in Cloud VDI journey