Modernization Kubernetes: 4-Wk Workshop

Wizeline, Inc.

The baseline Kubernetes App Modernization is Wizeline’s consulting offering designed to deliver a secure and production-ready Kubernetes cluster on Azure.

Modernization Kubernetes in Azure: 4-Wk Workshop

Leverage Microsoft Azure and modernize your company into a Kubernetes Cluster environment. As a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, Wizeline’s Azure-certified professionals will share best practices and the latest methodologies to help you modernize your Kubernetes strategy. Through a business and technical assessment, we will design a future container strategy and implement it to help you adopt an Azure environment and take advantage of the Kubernetes cluster.

AGENDA ( 4 weeks) ** the length of the workshop will depend on the initial assessment. **

Phase 1 (1 Week) In the business discovery phase, we define the goals, stakeholders, objectives, pain points, and constraints.

Business discovery (10%) Technical onboarding (15%) Current cloud capabilities assessment (40%)

Deliverables Completed cloud assessment documentation

Phase 2 (1 Week) In this phase, we dive deep into creating architecture for the future state of the Kubernetes cluster and discuss the implementation plan, architecture design and automation for the cluster.

Requirements gathering and planning for the desired container strategy. We review the CDD and show the project presentation.

Creation and review of the CDD and project closeout (80%)

Deliverables Cluster Design Document

Phase 3 (2 Weeks) In this phase, we meet to execute necessary cluster creation, execute the SaaS service setup and configuration. We also review of the final state of the cluster in a production-like environment, make sure that the key deliverables & business outcomes were met.

Cluster creation services and review of the final state in production (100%)

Deliverables Working Cluster