Azure Out of the Box: 4-wk Implementation


We offer a secure and compliant Azure Landingzone, based on the Microsoft best design practices but upgraded with Wortell’s own vision and further improvements to an Enterprise Scale Landingzone

With Azure Out of the Box, you don’t have to go through a long project to set up your Azure environment. We will use our standard approach to set up your basic Azure environment at a fixed price in no time. We will set up your Azure environment in a secure way in accordance with Microsoft’s guidelines — at a fixed price, using our standard approach. So, you’ll know what to expect from the get-go. This basic setup is the foundation for innovations within Azure. Here are the facts at a glance:

  • Setting up Azure in a fast, solid way in accordance with Microsoft’s guidelines
  • A secure Azure environment thanks to governance and security expertise
  • You’ll be ready for the future as a result of management, monitoring, and new innovations

Azure out of the Box is the best way to start moving workloads into Azure. This offer typically contains a day of training for customer decision makers, a second day of creating a High Level Design for the landingzone after which we will take the design and create a full set of Templates (infrastructure as Code) based on the design. If necessary we can also create your subscription, or deploy to a subscription of your choice. In less than 4 weeks, your whole Azure setup is ready and you can start moving your workloads into Azure.