AVD Jump Start: 8-day Proof of Concept


We offer a standardized 4 step Jump Start to help you investigate, assess, plan, implement and evaluate AzureVirtual Desktop (AVD) for your organization.

We have attained the AVD Advanced Specialization and have the SME's on board to guide you through your WVD journey.

The AVD Jump Start offer contains the following phases as outlined below.

* Phase 1. Inspiration and assessment We believe that sharing knowledge, actively engaging you in the project and defining requirements and design choices is a big part of reaching any project goal. During this phase we perform an assessment of your current environment, decide on implementation choices and create a AVD design document.

* Phase 2. Implementation We implement Azure Virtual Desktop in your subscription based on the design also including automation, profile management, monitoring and auto scaling. At the end of this phase you have a fully working AVD environment ready for testing.

* Phase 3. Testing. During this phase you are able to test-drive Azure Virtual Desktop both from an end user perspective as well as admin perspective. Based on the goals we defined together you can assign test users and corresponding test scripts.

* Phase 4. Evaluation and next steps We plan an evaluation in which you can share your test results with us. We discuss additional improvements and talk about your experiences with Azure Virtual Desktop. During this meeting we will also share and discuss the telemetry data we collected which provides great inside in usage and performance. We finish off phase 4 discussing next steps.

These deliverables can be expected from the engagement

  • AVD Inspiration and technical deep dive session
  • AVD Assessment document containing design choices and assessment of your current environment
  • AVD Design Document
  • Fully operational AVD environment in your subscription
  • Implementation documentation, user guides and hand over session
  • Evaluation meeting to discuss next steps

Our AVD Jump Start offer is available Globally.