Business Services Monitoring Solution: 8-Wks Imp.

Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited

This implementation enables Businesses to monitor and manage their IT estates while providing the ability to proactively make decisions that will enable optimum performance for their Businesses

The implementation of Wragby' s Business Services Monitoring Solution (BSM) provides one Stop-Monitoring solution built on Microsoft Azure Application Insight, Log Analytics, and Power BI to help you gain Performance and Business insights into your entire IT Estate. It helps to detect, triage, and diagnose problems before users get to see them, providing the ability to query historical events while converting the data into actionable insights.

This is an 8-Weeks implementation carried out by our Expert Managed Services Team. The deployment process which is in steps within 8 weeks is described below:

  1. Environmental Readiness Assessment and Architectural review of customer’s IT estate to determine readiness.

  2. Creation and configuration of Data Sources and Log Analytics

  3. Installation of OMS Agents for necessary data collection on necessary infrastructures

  4. Instrumentation of Apps for monitoring by our Enterprise Software Engineers

  5. App Insight resource creation for each application data by our Cloud Infrastructure Engineers

  6. Creation of custom queries and alerts to provide proactive monitoring and management by our Cloud Infrastructure Engineers

  7. Power BI installation Configuration to allow for proactive Business insights to different data sources by our Data Engineers

  8. Reports Surfacing, Publishing on Azure (create workspaces and add users) and also installation and publishing of gateway to enable data refresh by our Data Engineers

Expected Outcome

By the end of the delivery, you will have an integrated platform that has consolidated reports from all application/resource data sources. These services are delivered through Microsoft Azure. They will allow for proactive monitoring and management of your entire IT estates and thus enable better decision-making processes