Video Surveillance Storage Management: 10-wks Imp.

Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited

With Wragby’s Video Surveillance Storage Management Solution your video footages can be stored safely, securely, on an Enterprise Cloud Platform, for easy retrieval, whenever required.

The implementation of Wragby' s VSSM features core service activities to implement Microsoft Azure Data Box Gateway, Express Route, and Cool Storage to deliver an efficient storage platform for storing CCTV video information. This 10-Weeks Implementation features a set of core services including: Assessment: This focuses on identifying, profiling, and capturing the entire asset footprint of the current CCTV infrastructure, where such exists or just relevant items of the IT estate for a greenfield implementation. Remediation: Here we provide you with recommendations for fixing or addressing issues that were identified during the assessment, and offer the assistance necessary to support you to resolve all the issues that could otherwise impair the deployment of the solution. Planning Workshop: The Workshop is aimed at sharing the details of the inner workings and transferring the knowledge of the solution to you, as well as guiding the set of design decisions. During the workshop, we request additional elicitation from nominated stakeholders that will shape the scope, the scale, and the feature sets that will be deployed for use. Deployment: We will work with you to implement the design for your video surveillance storage management solution

Service Setup Steps

  1. Prepare the Azure portal for Data Box Gateway
  2. Provision the Data Box Gateway in Hyper-V or VMWare
  3. Connect, set up, activate the Data Box Gateway
  4. Transfer data with Data Box Gateway
  5. Setup CCTV VMS (Video Management Software) System to connect to shared Volume on the Databox Gateway for Storage After this 10-week deployment, you can free up expensive storage and retain your recorded CCTV events for the long term on a cost-effective and massively scalable cloud storage platform that offers cloud-scale capacity, enterprise-grade security and eliminates compliance exposure.